from by E. Oks



[Verse One]
Hide out in dried out well
That I’m finna kick the bucket in….
I wasn’t wild when born,
Just amused at being a chemical body
in the bottom of the vial it formed;
Finna dissolve in meditative position.
Is it worth living at all
As I sit and resolve tension existing
Between my selfish conceptions
And basic insignificance as
the planet revolves
Around a sun for the (4-and-a-half) billionth time
Sprouting billion dollar buildings for concealing its shine.
But I really don’t care.
I’m finna air out a philly and get a flare,
Cause in the span of infinite time?
Well, relatively soon, it’ll be noon.
And the lip of the sun
Will slip up into this tube,
And drip by drip the well’ll fill with a solvent:
An angels light waves brain cells will dissolve in,

[Verse Two]
Confused dude,
Using a baggy shirt and refusing to tuck it in.
Wasn’t till week ago I was informed,
It ain’t in style no more, to step in doors
With an extra large
Valor suit, because you rocked one, in 8th grade
All bad babes adored you, the world’s changed!
Wardrobes have warped too. (shit)
Every seven to several years there’s born a new core group
Of young at their peak
Running the street,
Unaware that their normal
Falls out from under their feet,
And all the cash they spend is on a past that ends
The second after cashier signs on the receipt…
And life
Falls on
Er day
Same way
This big ball
Is all gone,

[Verse Three]
Yo, anything I wrote would evaporate quicker than we did,
So, fuck it then.

Back in the finger tip
of the branch where the bloom had done blossomed…(nothing)
Back in the finger tip
of the branch where the bloom had done blossomed…(down down down)
Back in the finger tip
of the…
Giving out to erosion.

Root Is Crown


from Well Lit LP, released March 15, 2015
Song Writer: E. Oks
Producer: Myles Avery
Engineer: Ric Wilson
Master: Myles Avery



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E. Oks Manhattan, New York

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