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Track Name: Tune In
(Radio tuning into Mel Hsu performing Midnight Sonata, the first track off her debut album: This Living Room)

God dam.
It’s the self-protecting narrative we blast on repeat
Which cements our feet to the bottom of this river.
We are: drowning.
We are: empty breaths.
We are happiest with Headphones on, tuning out Mr. Ignorant
Who has no idea Who You Are, but loves to pretend he does…

If you are: now,
If you are: listening,
If you are listening now, then come into this.
Let everything else evaporate cause either way it will.
So come into this…

By this I mean now; by now I mean this mixtape.
This mixtape is not mine – nothing is.
It toppled out of the universe like dew and will undoubtedly dissolve
Back into it.

(Tune into DOK’s beatbox)

That being said, the thing about this mixtape:
Is it’s great. And if your gonna skip tracks
Then you think I spit wak,
If that’s the case then you’ll miss some sick raps
That’d get your lid packed with facts to help you lift past the pitch black
Into which you sit back with six packs
But then at crunch time:
I keep it fresher than ever,
Never lesser than clever
Cause this is better than just an endeavor
To go and get some more cheddar,
Man I’m sick of seeing
Blind mice chasing round
Limelights that take ‘em down bad ways,
Dark alleys where cat’s pray
That make you want to see your last day
When we’re blessed to see any
Track Name: Mr. Ignorant (ft. Kat Hamilton)
(Verse 1: E. Oks)
The way I live is rough, spit this stuff
Left to wonder if it’s tough
Or is the sad reality that I should give it up?
Or do I have it, B? Spew it radily,
You relax as he’s
Nastily crafting these raps with ease.
Gee, the way I put it’s hot,
So I guess it doesn’t matter if you think it’s good or not
Cause even if you didn’t, well you see I wouldn’t stop
So in the end my friend I guess you’re lucky that I rock
And that it’s nothing but flames I spew,
Call myself a Santa’s Elf, cause rapping’s something I’m made to do…

(Chorus: Kat Hamilton)
All that matters is
How I spit that shit
And I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank,
All that matters is
How I spit that shit
And I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank

(Verse 2: E. Oks)
I’m sorry for the selfish talk
But in this age of Lil’ Wayne
That’s what an elf is taught,
Now it’s less about your quality
More quantity your wealth has bought.
Get “Hip” replacements and ghost writers
To help the “Hop”
Till I’m “So Far Gone” that it’s hottness I spew,
Got chicks? I do.
Hot since high school.
But from the pain on my face,
You’d think that I ripped up a tendon
When just secretly sick of pretending
I’m not just like you…
I want to write about back when my flow was worse
And I’d call my best friend KG when I wrote a verse,
And he’d listen even though that shit was: wak as hell!
And it’s probably cause he knew I’d have his back as well.
I remember the first time he said the rap went well,
It was some crap ‘bout “Blunt Wraps” and passing L’s…
Now he’s the greatest friend
Cause he made me then
Spit it in public, I did and kids loved it,
So it’s all thanks to him…

(Chorus: Kat Hamilton)
All that matters is
How I spit that shit
And I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank,
All that matters is
How I spit that shit
And I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank

(Verse 3: E. Oks)
God Damn, man I’m sick of this game,
Listening to Mr. Ignorant go listing his claims
About how he’s getting all these women when he’s spitting his flames,
Unaware in 10 years no one will mention his name:
Time just keeps turning,
And as it does his insides will keep burning
Itching for the riches and fame
That dissolved like fireworks or piss in the rain,
Now he’s pissed cause life didn’t get his permission to change…
Change has been its mission from day one.
One day you should listen to the river it made,
Cause On the Off change you’re still famous you’ll live in a cage,
Caged In in the image you play
Made in your first magazine cover so vivid it stained,
That’s why: I’d rather leave the gimmicks at Bay (“swag”)
And keep it egoless
On beats like this
So even if you sleep on it
The effort isn’t in vein

(Chorus: Kat Hamilton)
All that matters is
How I spit that shit
And I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank,
All that matters is
How I spit that shit
And I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank

(Outro: Kat Hamilton & E. Oks)
Track Name: Your Day (ft. Will Fraker)
(Intro: E. Oks)
"Atoms get cracked in the blackness of meditation"(Jay Electronica)
Atoms get cracked in the blackness of meditation
Atoms get cracked, At-Atoms get cracked!

(Verse 1: E. Oks)
Back in the place
Rap at a pace
So fast that the flow’s like a smack in the face.
Come on man! Wake up! The time is now!
Yo, dawg? Why you lying down?!
I got beats on bars
But I bet they fell asleep on ours
With your butt in bed
Counting all the sheep on mars
So I guess he didn’t see that
I’m a beast on paws
Buddy bet that I’ma bring it
When the beats on pause.
That’s so true –
But this ain’t the stuff that you’re used to
So go yelling Wolf Gang up the whole crew
Fuck up your Future
Thinking you could beat those Odds
As I reach my claws
To slash his throat
With a rap I wrote
Just for trynna put a leash on ours
And cash our potential,
Insist we adhere to checklists
And pass out credentials.
But you gotta see: I’ve moved past fear
So instead I got out some paper
A can of the spray paint
Then graphed out a stencil
That says, “Add (Ad) Here”…
Cause their billboards are subtracting,
Standards of beauty too distracting
When you’d be best relaxing,
Unraveling the paper machete
That they’ve been plastering
Over your skull, yo, they’ve trapped your dreams
You’re suffocating and the mask it stings,
But you just think it tingles
Cause they know how to mask these things

(Chorus: E. Oks & Will Fraker)
[Will Fraker]
We gotta keep it safe for walking
So keep the doors open now
We gotta keep your mind from blocking
The flows that your heart has found
This is your day.
Unfasten your fastenings
Its happening now, its happening now.
[E. Oks]
Let the fastening pass and the passion sing
Songs tuned to everlasting spring
Sing “grass is green,” ring past the springs,
And falls of all the winners (winters)
We are all beginners
Born to let go
Do no more than echo
Atoms built in suns that scorch the neck slow
On every Eve of a new dawn
Heads tap into the earth’s rotation.
What have we but to move on?

(Verse 2: E. Oks)
All of that negative that’s orbiting your head
Must be torturing
And must make all this space feel cornering…
Until your back is sore,
Backed up at the door your told not to walk through –
You need someone to talk to,
To say, “Fuck what they say to not do!”
I got you.
Leave them deposited at the door,
Man your back is what I’m rapping for.
So unball your fists,
Cause all of thise
Is positive at its core
I’m positive of that...

(Chorus x2)

(Verse 3: E. Oks)
If your mind’s hating on everyone that’s around you
Stop it then.
There’s just as much God in them,
And if you look it in the I (eye)
You’ll find it often stems from self-hate
Cause that negative refuses to be lodged within
But there is never need for “I” in this place,
Don’t get confused because he’s hiding his face
Just put the live and vibrant colors you see through
Your eye in his place.
Try it and wait.
It’s easy to let go, my man, it’s trying to escape!

(Chorus x1)

(Verse 4: E. Oks)
Why do I gotta be rapping this fast
Just to get a pat on the back
Who hates on the slow flow?
But what it matter the rate that I flow yo?
Either way hate bounce back on your Yo-Yo.
Not saying that you have to let go though,
But if not: you’ll be trapped in a Dojo,
Mad by the bad of an act
That they happened to photo.
Cause that’s the paparazzi
Swarming around the positive
That you got to copy,
But then only printing his negatives
When the kid
Got too sloppy.
That’s not the way I wanna live
So to keep it safe for walking
I’m not too poppy,
Cause, man, I may not know Who I Am
But that’s not who I be!

…That being said,
Someone tell Jay Electronica
That my rhyming is tough
And birthed from a firm understanding
Of the minus and plus
Track Name: Revolution 9
(Verse 1: E. Oks)
I got a story that I’d like to recite for y’all,
It was Yesterday, no Wait, The Night Before.
I had woke up that morning with no presence of any pain,
Good Day(,) Sunshine, plus I saw a Penny Lane (layin’)
On the floor, when I walked out my apartment door
Thinking Baby You’re A Rich Man,
Even though I can’t afford to get high
Without a Little Help From My Friends,
Still I Let It Be, don’t scream, “Help!”
And pretend it was different, cause
Tomorrow Never Knows
If my sorrow and my woes
Will unfurl into gold
On this Long And Winding Road,
On which I saw a Honey Pie
Running by
And thought, “I aughta know her number,”
So I wiped away my Golden Slumbers
Cause “Something in the way she moved
Attracted me like no other lover.”
Then I moved to her
Cause my mood was up
And introduced to myself,
She said her name was Julia,
I said, “I don’t mean to be rude to ya
But Don’t Pass Me By
You have no idea what I would do for ya.”
Acting gassed up
Feeling cool on the grill
I had my head in a cloud
Like the Fool On The Hill

(Chorus: E. Oks)
Revolution number 9,
Ego’s pollution numbs the mind,
And so we’re used to running blind, (come on man!)
Revolution number 9,
Ego’s pollution numbers the mind
And so we’re used to running blind! (Come on man!)
Said Revolution number 9,
I’m calling for a revolution number 9,
There’s no movement with bills
So fuck a fool on the hill,
Let’s move on to revolution number 9

(Verse 2: E. Oks)
Now I’m no Lady Madonna, but still I wanna
Show kids it is sad
We went from “Money Can’t Buy You Love”
To just “Throw It In The Bag,”
So I get with this honey,
Then see the chick isn’t funny
Because she screams, “You Never Give Me Your Money!”
And I can’t Carry That Weight,
I wanna get married today
Take a daring escape
From all the various games
From you hysterical dames,
Who I know I’m wrong for cause my heart’s tore (Tour)
This Magical Mystery’s lame
I’m sick of hiding my love
I wanna Act Naturally
Cause that’s actually All You Need.
Is love what I feel? (love, love, love)
Even this might be a crush (I want you)
When I say: “I Want You!”
They yell “You Like Me Too Much” (I want you so bad)
So I’m biting my tounge
Burning through my Rubber Soul (sole)
As I Run For Your Life
I can’t take another blow
I’m so tired of these lover woes (I want you)
But don’t tell another soul
Cause even my mother doesn’t know.

(Chorus: E. Oks)
Revolution number 9,
Ego’s pollution numbs the mind,
And so we’re used to running blind, (come on man!)
Revolution number 9,
Ego’s pollution numbers the mind
And so we’re used to running blind! (Come on man!)
Said revolution number 9,
I’m calling for a revolution number 9,
There’s no movement with bills
So fuck a fool on the hill,
Let’s move on to revolution number 9

(Verse 3: E. Oks)
I told you if you ever left I’d be longing
Why’d you wrong me
She said: we’ll Come Together
When I come to gather my belongings
So I Cry Baby Cry
I said, “Why baby why?”
She said, “Don’t cry, it’s just I’m
Not really looking for a guy whose rhyming,
See, I wanna ride with a guy
Who can put me in the Sky With Diamonds”
And at the same time
I don’t want him to be too immersed
In loving me because I need the chase
Across The Universe…”
Finally B, I could see right through all her
Tricks of the soul
As she stood there with a
Foolish grin, perfectly still,
Searching for thrills.
I worshiped a Girl
Who was Fixing (fixed in) A Hole
(of “blubber crud” – from About Getting It, by Buddy Wakefield. Don’t Sleep On It.)
I couldn’t listen no more
So for her it was, “Good Night,”
But that didn’t mean that I was finished risking it all:
I wanna find a Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Stay spinning until we
Fall to our heals
In Strawberry Fields Forever

(Chorus: E. Oks)
Revolution number 9,
Ego’s pollution numbs the mind,
And so we’re used to running blind, (come on man!)
Revolution number 9,
Ego’s pollution numbers the mind
And so we’re used to running blind! (Come on man!)
Said revolution number 9,
I’m calling for a revolution number 9,
There’s no movement with bills
So fuck a fool on the hill,
Let’s move on to revolution number 9

(Outro: E. Oks)
Revolution number 9
Revolution number 9, 9,
Number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9, number…
“All that ass, in those jeans…”
“I’m pretty…I’m pretty…
Pretty Boy Swag!”
“Youngest kid out that’s word to Chuck English”
Everyone of them knew that as time went by
They’d get a little bit older and a little bit slower…
With the situation, they are standing still
Track Name: I Suck, Is the Matter
For real though, if you fall too hard into ego, all your gonna do is stand still...

See god:
I suck, is the matter.
I was handed fly butt on a platter;
it's supposed to be easy as cake,
but I'm stuck whipping batter,
I see her and shake,
my minds stumped like the fatter,
of Matilda's parents, see:
I got an ill appearance,
But the guy pumped up the gas for
my "moves" engine, so it was running
smooth then it had to stop,
right before I jumped in the batter's
box. Now I'm no longer ready to go,
and already I know, that my luck can't go badder
like I duck under ladders on the daily.
It was a sure thing
so I'm mad that I thought maybe
I hadn't got the lady
to adamant on laying
down, and I didn't stop
to think that to have that thought is crazy.
So we sat and talked for maybe
half of the time, for half of which
I felt I had to spit some passionate rhymes
instead of tapping the fine
piece of ass that reclined
on my cloud of bed.
Finally I got the negative up outta my head,
said, "Raise the heat till batters up,
Soldier now that's an order,"
hit my 600th homerun
and tipped over the glass of water...

Sorry it took so long
Track Name: Who You Are (ft. D.O.M.E.)
Intro (E. Oks):
I said, “No one’s spitting like E. Oks, his flow’s just so filthy,”
But no there isn’t an ego, just so much that fills me.
I stopped given the me so much facetime in my films, b,
And now I’m living with the whole big universe that built me

Verse One (E. Oks):
I recently stopped caring how I’m sounding,
Now I use that energy to care about surroundings,
Staring at astounding,
Evidence that Evan is not separate from everything around him (nope).
Nor is it from him,
See it’s as formative as kin,
Since there’s no essential self that is dormant in his skin,
So I doubt you’d get very far
Thinking that the difference between you and where you are’s
Not just technicality,
We live in projected realities,
Mind’s perception slept in a fallacy
Then forgot to wake up, so it spends its days stuck
In a bed of “me” and “mine,”
Addicted to the self, steady sippin on this venom he reclines.
And this enemy of mine
That they’re letting lead the blind
Has a mind of his own,
As he enters via spine and then proceeds to clime
In the D.O.M.E.

Verse Two (D.O.M.E.):
Most of these rappers live in virtual realities
Outrageous behaviors contagious, brings the worse shit outta me
Instead of acting like I don't care
About all y'all doubting me
I cut myself open and will express
My problems outwardly.
Yeah, we could all buy fitteds,
Hide behind shades,
Write a song, make a blog
You know the digital age,
But how you gonna live this shit
If the foundation is fake?
Sure you look the part
But tell me does it translate to page? (Nope)
Cause if it don't then reconsider those bars
If you're trynna know your fans,
Let ‘em know who you are
Not just on the weekends
but I’m talking ‘bout the day to day,
Let ‘em know what’s up,
They'll hold you down
like a paperweight
you might heard me say
"Check out my swaggg"
Sometimes true that,
But behind closed doors
I feel frightened and trapped,
Cause these rappers fail to realize
That most of us are equals
Just very different people,
Yo, shout goes out to E.Oks
Track Name: Stars On The Ceiling (ft. Maddy Reagan)
(Verse 1: E. Oks)
I’ve been waiting by the phone
Pacing all alone, looking in the mirror
Wondering which standard of attraction
I didn’t quite adhere to,
Feinding to figure why I didn’t have you here,
Close enough to whisper in my ear
Like the rain drops pattering my clear
Window while I didn’t know I’z watching
The sky pour your evaporated tears.
You say you’re sadden cause you hadn’t made it here?
Then I guess I have to make it clear:
You should understand that I’m
Not one to watch the sands of time
Slip through these two dam hands of mine,
I’d rather use them to build myself a castle for giant men,
Build a moat and a bridge then invite you in
What a life to live
Wouldn’t matter how the day or the night is spent.
We’d paint stars on the ceiling,
And on the walls write poems about emotions
That our hearts aren’t feeling,
Then lay in aw at all they’re revealing,
Listening as the ocean spoke of all it was reeling
Into its waves,
Look out on the water and wonder where it’s from?
They say it’s from rain, but how could all of that fall from the sky
And not scare the sun?
You wouldn’t know its age, but feel the ocean air as young
The way pokadot dress blows and hair is flung;
We would’ve drank joy while wearing fun,
But you never cared to come

(Verse 2: Performed by Maddy Reagan, written by Norah Jones)
When I saw the break of day
I wished that I could fly away
Instead of kneeling in the sand
Catching tear drops in my hand.
My heart is drenched in wine,
But you’ll be on my mind forever

(Verse 3: E. Oks)
Now at the same time I understand,
Cause I have cancelled plans
Chose to lay down on the couch instead of lying in the sand;
See I was scared I would get some in my shoe.
I’d probably still stay in if it hadn’t been for you,
But while I was waiting I found life’s better lived with two,
Vowed that I wouldn’t be as hesitant as you.
I realized as I layed my hands on the grains of sand
That each one had decayed from land
Between now and the age of the ancient man
And even before when the earth was vacant and
No one was here to hear the waves crash,
Feel the sunrays or see the days pass,
Everything just spinning,
No one to speak fun,
Breathe the breeze or see the leaves come
Off the tips of trees when these would be sprung
From beneath young earth when life had begun,
Existence is a glimpse at what is today,
So before we wash away: would you please come?
Track Name: In The Heights
This is a thank you, to two of my inspirations...
To me it don't matter what the "Freshman 10" sell,
See: I'd rather be the next Lin Manuel.
The only time I'm mad is when I rest my pencil,
Till I close my eyes
Take a breath and then dwell on the barrio I come from
Where the party's mostly one drum
That comes from numb tongue,
Most old, but some younge,
That lay the fly beat
For the paint of my speech
Their canvas is why I wanna paint what I see
On days when I
Open my door and it’s nice out
Then In The Heights of my career
Go and perform at the White House.
But you’ve gotta be so patient to make it
To go stating the blatant,
Still I go saying there’s nothing
I want more than this
But I’z a sophomore at Wes(leyan)
With no play in the making…
I guess I’m not a play write, B,
Nevertheless, tend to get stressed
When up late nightly
Alligning the rhymes, trying to find
What my lane might be,
Relying on my flows to map it out
Cause those who rap about their
“Diamonds” and “Cars”are not
The ideals I’d love to be
Cause to me
It’s never been that vital I clutch the cream
See what I love’s to dream
Of kicking my mean style
With a team titled
Freestyle Love Supreme.
Sitting on stage with stars who
Share the same passion,
Who’ll still be
There when fame’s passed and
Will wanna sit in Cipher-Circles
Crafting lines
Passing time
Till theirs not a word
We haven’t rhymed
With music moving off our tongue
Loving what I’m doing
Cause I’m doing what I love

(Outro: E. Oks)
Track Name: Headphones (ft. Leila)
(Intro: E. Oks)
I’m feeling more alone then I ever could be,
Letting defeat come and meddle with me,
Everything’s pilling up from miles above,
For the while even smiling’s tough, and so…

(Chorus: Leila)
I just put on my headphones,
Turn up the volume, my troubles disappear.
I just put on my headphones,
Base is kicking, pushing away my fears.

(Verse 1: Leila)
I look around – the world is falling down on me,
Tears in my eyes, no where to go, traveling every corner,
It eats at my soul, wherever I turn it follows,
But when things get really hard, really, really difficult…

(Chorus: Leila)
I just put on my headphones,
Turn up the volume, my troubles disappear.
I just put on my headphones,
Base is kicking, pushing away my fears.

(Verse 2: E. Oks)
I’m stuck so deep down I doubt I’ll make it back,
Mind faded inside of my eyes painted black,
Encircled in sequin colors it seems I’ll never see,
All I see is ebony smothering dreams of melody
I’m breathing heavily…
Until the day I passed a choir of Beatles preaching I need to let it be,
And so I let go, putting up on my headphones,
Loving the calm bumping a song, trouble is gone when your
Ears lick Popsicle colored beats so hypnotically sweet,
As you walk head nods, rocking it for the week,
And palms place tropical onto trees
And feet turn concrete sand, tongue talking into the breeze
Which whispers back that it blows for you,
That sun rose for you, paints red roses blue.
Now I know notes arouse all
so when clouds fall…

(Chorus: Leila)
I just put on my headphones,
Turn up the volume, my troubles disappear.
I just put on my headphones,
Base is kicking, pushing away my fears.

(Outro: E. Oks)
And then the beat drops…
And then the beat drops…
Track Name: Cataract (ft. Pangolin)
(Intro: E. Oks)
Mmm. God dam...
You feel that?

(Verse 1: E. Oks)
Tell your hater friends to make no mistake: I matter.
To those of you who think I spit great: I’m flattered.
I make mics shatter, brain’s type scattered,
Still it seems I’m made to make cake like batter.
Understand punk, I can’t stop until you
Have got your hands up like a clock at twelve noon
Or midnight, I ignite with my cool words,
RIP mics (Mikes) just like I killed Bloomberg,
So to all y’all in my way: I’ll get you dudes served,
Cause I'm all about my J (jay) just like the blue bird
As a rhymer it’s like you got blinders on, your views are narrow,
Mindless man looking for brain like yous a scarecrow
Thinking that you fly when your not like a lead sparrow,
That verse was wak-as-fuck so wrap it up like a dead pharaoh…
And if you ain’t laughing dummy, it’s probably cause you didn’t get that
So go ask your mummy

(Interlude: Maddie)
Wanna hear the sound,
So here we go,
Feel it all around,
That endless flow

(Verse 2: E. Oks)
I’m nice like Bose, beats, and an Ipod.
Flow heats and then I’m gone:
Evaporated slaughter.
After which you rapping kids
Won’t have to wait that long cause
Your beach is just my pond;
Plus I go deeper on my songs
Y’all to busy drowning to get
No feature on my song.
See I’m heading for a metaphor,
But they’ll never get it
So my head’s forgetting what I said it for.
They can’t see through the window of their cataracts
And say, “E. man you should stick to battle raps
Using (w)easy punch lines, we know how to laugh at that
We’ll clap and yap ‘bout how your every rap is crack!”
Na man I’ve mastered that
Plus I’m sick of rationed-rap
I’d rather be the itch that fiends are scratching at…
I say that, then two weeks later I’m back to battle rap
Stuck in the mud, loving the blood-sucking
Like a rabid bat.
I can’t control where I (eye) is like your cock-eyed friend.
B, I make similes but just not like them,
I’m cleaning up the game with this mop-like pen,
You think your verse is hot, but it’s not (snot) like phlegm.
In battles I never run ‘way (runway) like helicopters,
Can’t think of what to say? Lemme be your teleprompter:
My raps range from deranged to hella proper,
Whenever you want a verse, man, I gotcha!
Where it be ‘bout blunts, women, or vodka,
Running into the cops, or chomping down on a ladka,
As long as you got the guap, I’ll write you anything you want
Right on the spot about how you make the top of a Mazda drop
But deep down your not an obnoxious cock, instead you’re a gentleman,
Man I can get your back kind of like how
Eminem’s got the Doc!

(Outro: Maddie)
This is what we got:
Here. Now.
This is what we got here.
This is what we got.
Hear now:
This is what we got.
Track Name: Narcolepsy
I’m bored of this shit
I want more than this shit
Nothing good comes out his mouth
In the corners is spit!
You need a wipe down, right now,
And to help you stop the front
I got your back with this white towel.
You might scowl cause I dipped the end in ink
Just to watch it stain your spine like shadows on your vertebrate,
Claim you giant with the words that play
But gifted men will shrink
And when you lift the pen, it pretends to think
But never does,
Claims you smart as hell but you never was
Boy who’s shoved in classes.
That wasn’t me but I guarantee head’ll buzz
Like a kettle does
When I boil stomach acid,
Steam screaming out your ear
That your hard core’s gassed a tad bit,
Your tongue tried to disagree
So I gagged it
Cause tongue tied this tough guy unravels,
I left him to tug while I traveled
A float these ink oceans
Where flow makes the motion
Of mind wavier than a dose of pink potion.
Fuck cough syrup! I’ve never been one to choke,
And don’t tell me what to touch to throat, it loves this rope,
It kept me anchored while I hanged around dudes swamped in trees…

What’s the point yo?
People zoned out after like the third line…Fuck it.

Tongue moves with deaf skill,
Humans left still,
When I slipped a roofie in the Blue and Red pill
And built a mirror from this slip of loose leaf,
But when I fall into it
It’s just a new me and no you
As if there’s a “Do Not Touch” sign
And that’s why your numb minds do not touch mine.
Fame’s generally saved for the less skilled,
So when I say they “left still”
I mean they keep leaving before my sets done,
Sleeping On It like outside the sky has a more than set sun.
I’m sick of these Narcoleptics downstage
Whose closed lids miss all the colors that I reflect in sound waves
With the clouds I paint purple I could get the crowd blazed
Soon as I role (roll) up!
Then they’d make the ground shake trying to push down
The horizon with their steps son,
Soon as the colors around fade
(meaning after my sets done).
For the part of the crowd that got that in their brain,
I’m sorry that I felt I got to go explain
But I see the rests thumbs are twiddlin’
Even those who bummed some Ritalin from some middlemen
Cause some of my puns are riddles when
They’d prefer the basics.
I’m trying to fuck with them a Lil’ B
So talking to their God is who I Based this song off,
Cause when they nod off I’m often speakin,
If I flip or pop off and have gone of the deep end
Then just watch me plummet and sink.
If this image makes you sad, you wasn’t listenin’ man: I love when I shrink.
And frankly don’t give a fuck what you think,
So while you’re asleep
I’ll splatter your Tree house with a bucket of ink.
(Ink Being Thrown)
Track Name: Tune Out
Man I keep your head spinning
A rapping Baryshnikov,
My style’s straight deadly but Asher has just a cough,
Fuck Mr. Roth! Man I’m nothing like Ash, that cat
Dropped out of College
I’m at the top of my class,
I’ll never stop getting knowledge
That’s something awesome that lasts,
Man I’ve placed out of classes Asher Roth couldn’t pass.
As a freshman I would sit and pay attention,
Listen to they lesson cause the shit they spit’s impressive
Steady lifting up the mess that all our ignorance brings
Till it’s alleviated…and I still find time to be inebriated
B, I’m blazing basically whenever I hear bong,
Start to rap, stop…hear everyone cheer on,
You fell off a path that I never have veered on,
The sad part is: I bet I’m better at beer pong.
All this while getting knowledge dude,
So I love college too
And that’s why I plan to be here all four years long

(Radio tuning into Revolution 9, by the Beatles, then to Midnight Sonata, by Mel Hsu, the first track off her debut album: This Living Room)

Despite what my ego may have said:

Nothing’s as statue as it seems.

We’re all made of river.

So let go
Of the self protecting narrative

Since none of this is yours.

But all of it is you.

There’s no need to be a “Tough Kid”

Buddy Wake

…And shouts out to Mel, yo, cause she is just on that next level man…she is just nasty.